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Homework 8/30


  1. “Understanding 1-3” worksheet. Due tomorrow.
  2. “Understanding 1-4” worksheet. Due tomorrow.
  3. “Ordering Decimal Numbers” worksheet. Due tomorrow.
  4. Math Workbook Page 33. All Problems. Due tomorrow.
  5. Math Workbook Page 37. All Problems. Due Wednesday.
  6. Math Workbook Page 38, Problem #19, 25, 26. Due Wednesday.
  7. Study for the Unit 1 TEST on September 8th.

Language Arts

  1. Finish your Story Continued

Social Studies

  1. Complete Section 6 Assignment in TCI Online. Due Friday.
  2. Complete Section 7 Assignment in TCI Online. Due Friday.
  3. Study for the Lesson 1 TEST on September 7th.


None 🙂


  1. Bring back signed form for your PE Coaches.
  2. Back to School Night will be on September 8th. Time and Zoom link coming soon.

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