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Homework 8/26

Welcome to our first full week of fifth grade. This week, we will be spending a lot of time taking the i-Ready Diagnostic Test. Please remember to bring your charged chromebook to school every day!


  1. Math Workbook Page 16, Problem #11, 13, 14. Due tomorrow.
  2. Math 1-3 Visual Learning Video. Due tomorrow.
  3. Math 1-3 Reteach Video. Due tomorrow.
  4. Math Workbook, Page 19, Problems #3-26. Due tomorrow.
  5. Math Workbook, Page 20, Problems #29, 30, 31, 35. Due tomorrow
  6. Math Workbook, Page 21, Problems #5-20. Due Monday.
  7. “Understand Decimal Place Value: Quick Check”. Due Monday.
  8. Math Workbook, Page 28, Problems #11, 12, 13, 16. Due Monday.

Language Arts

  1. Add a comment to the “Most Excited For” post. Due tomorrow.
  2. Complete the Author’s Purpose review assignment. Due tomorrow.

Social Studies

None 🙂


None 🙂


  1. If you do not already have a GUSD Chromebook, please talk to your parents and schedule an appointment to check one out. Please call (818) 478-2664 to check out a Chromebook, or for GUSD Chromebook technical support. You will need a working GUSD Chromebook this year. Please bring your Chromebook to school, CHARGED, every day!
  2. Your parents need to submit your registration paperwork. Please have your parents visit to submit your registration paperwork. If they do not know their username, password, or PIN, please have them call (818) 242-7722
  3. Back to school night is September 8th. It will be on Zoom. Save the date!
  4. PAE forms are due Sept 9th.
  5. Orchestra forms are due back by FRIDAY!

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