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Welcome to the last full week of 5th grade

Hello fifth graders and families. Welcome to the last full week of fifth grade. You’ve made it! With ups and downs and many challenges along the way, we’ve all finally made it to the moment we’ve been waiting for.

Families, last week I shared some important details about promotion, but as a reminder, our promotion will be taking place over Zoom on Monday, June 8th, starting at 9am. There will be several speeches, we will be presenting student awards, and we will be reading the individual names of each student to recognize them for their accomplishments and hard work. We look forward to seeing you there. For those who are unable to attend, a video will be posted on the Columbus website after the event.

Additionally, fifth grade return and retrieve is scheduled for Wednesday, June 10th, from 10am-1pm.  During this time, please return textbooks and One and Only Ivan books, and pick up your child’s belongings, including their promotion certificate. Report cards will be mailed home to all families this year. Please see the email from Dr. Rojas for more details.


Students, here is a short video message from Mr. Sasse to congratulate you:



Students please click here for this week’s learning plan.


Because our virtual classrooms are not confined to the walls of our school campus and therefore have limited control on confidentiality, we respect that some families might be uncomfortable with having their child’s name or image as part of the end of year promotion Zoom. If you would like for me to ensure that your child’s name and image are NOT shared during the promotion ceremony, please email me as soon as possible to let me know. In the absence of a response, my understanding will be that you consent to allowing us to include your child’s name and school photo in the promotion program. 


Students, please log in using your GUSD Google Account:

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