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Wednesday Homework


  • Tomorrow is Pajama Day! Pajamas must be school safe. You must be able to go to recess and play in them. NO SLIPPERS. Students must wear school-safe shoes. No pillows or teddy bears please 🙂
  • We have Sports for Learning tomorrow! 🙂

Language Arts

  • If you did not finish your spelling sentences in class, please finish them for homework. Due tomorrow.
  • Reading logs are due every Monday. Remember to read for 30 minutes each night.
  • Start working on your October book report. Click here for directions.
  • Unit 2 Test on October 28th.


  • Math Workbook Page 191, #3-8 (we started this in class). Due tomorrow.
  • Math Workbook Page 193, #1-7. Due Monday.
  • Math Workbook Page 194, #16, 17, 22, 23. Due Monday.
  • Practice your math facts!!!!!!!! You should know all multiplication facts, 0-12, by memory. This is VERY IMPORTANT!!
  • Unit 4 Test on October 30th.

Social Studies


  • None 🙂


  • None 🙂

Other Homework

  • None 🙂

Upcoming Dates

  • None

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